Monday, January 24, 2011

Le Creuset's frying pans

I wanted to get a frying pan that doesn't contain PFOA.  So when I went to Florida to visit my mother-in-law on Christmas, I went to a near by outlet mall to see what I can find.  I found really nice frying pan at Le Creuset which is 11-inch wide and quite deep.  I though it will be great when I cook stir fry dish.  The store person was really excited about this frying pan, I thought about buying a smaller one at the same time, but I wanted to make sure it's really good before I buy 2 of them.  
I immediately fell in love with the frying pan.  It doesn't require too much oil.  I can cook with a really small amount.  The heat distribution is great, too.  It's easy to clean.  I love it!!  
So I ordered the smallest size for cooking eggs in the morning.  It was really good price at Amazon.  Cheaper than at the outlet store.

Welcome to my kitchen!! 

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