Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cilantro Fried Rice

The cilantro wasn't popular when I lived in Tokyo 18 years ago.  It only appeared next to some Chinese dishes as decoration just like parsley.   I didn't even bother to pick it up to put it into my mouth.  It's surprising to see that it has gained so much popularity there. 
I first ate it at my mother in law's house in Florida.  Her husband cooked Vietnamese egg rolls and he served them with cilantro to roll with lettuce.  I fell in love with it immediately.  
I started cooking South Asian food more regularly 10 years ago.  Before that, my Asian cooking was pretty much Japanese and Chinese.  I love using cilantro but sometimes I can't use them up.
This dish solves the problem.  Moreover, it uses up leftover rice, too.  Very convenient for me.

*Ingredients for 2 servings*
 1 Table spoon Coconut Oil
1/2 Medium Onion
2 cups cooked rice
1 cup cilantro leaves
Salt and Pepper to taste

< 1> Mince onions and cilantro.
< 2 > Cook onion in coconut oil until it becomes translucent.   
< 3 > Put the rice in the pan and cook for 1 minute.
< 4 > Mix the cilantro in.
< 5 > Put salt and pepper to your liking.

This rice could be used for any Asian dishes including Indian.  I can't really see it with some delicate Japanese dishes that are cooked in Dashi Broth though.  Don't over salt it if you are serving this with a main dish that is already salty.  Lots of Asian main dishes are supposed to be eaten with plain rice to balance out the saltiness.  
I think Jasmine rice is the best choice for this dish, but any kind of rice will do.  I used Japanese rice in the picture.  If you are using leftover Japanese rice, you might want to either microwave it or rinse it with water before you use it.  That makes it easier to break up rice in the pan.
I ate the rice with a over easy with a sprinkle of soy sauce for lunch.  That was so simple and nice.

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