Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I became addicted to come up with ideas for Financiers.  I guess I had never thought of using powder made of nuts until I started to making Financiers.  I love varying the nuts and adding different flavor to it.  
From left top to right bottom : Walnut and brown sugar with tiny bit of soy sauce .... tribute to Japanese sweets, Kurumi-Yubeshi.
Green tea Financier and basic financiers with chocolate shavings.
Basic financiers with chocolate chips.
Hazel nut and chocolate financiers.
Earl Grey Financiers with rose pedals.
Pecan financiers with chocolate swirl.
Strawberry financiers.
Pecan financiers with chocolate shavings.
Chocolate financiers with raspberries.

I love using walnuts and pecans!  Hazel nut is great with chocolate.  Cashew and coconut flake make financier more tropical.  There are so many ingredients to experiment with...  It's sometimes far from financiers.  Shall I call them nut cakes?  

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