Friday, April 22, 2011

Busy April

It's been very busy in this April.  Finally the 2nd floor is done.  So it is ready to be us.  It's not a small space so it takes long time and a big effort to paint.  We finished J's room and my sewing room, but hallway and staircase are yet to be painted.

But it feels like spring now.  The dogwoods are beautiful outside of our house.  I enjoyed Magnolia and Cherry trees and now, Dogwoods are beautiful all over the town.

We have white and pale pink ones in front of the house.  I don't remember seeing them so much in NY area.  I like flowers that are not too fancy.  That's why Cherry Blossoms and Dogwoods make me so happy.

We got busy because of our new dog.  In addition to our 2 cats, we now have a Australian Shepherd puppy named Rosco.

He is yet to be 4 months old but twice bigger than the cat.  He will be twice bigger than how big he is now.  I never had a dog and I am not used to a big ones, so it is almost scary to see how fast he grows.  He is sweet and funny, but makes me crazy with the toilet training.  My daughter was much easier on the regard.

I'm missing time to bake this month....  Cooking became a choir because I'm so busy painting and moving things up stairs.
I hope things settle down a little bit so I can enjoy working in my kitchen again.

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