Friday, February 4, 2011

Financier Friday - Choco-Coconuts

So I made these financiers thinking about my daughter's preference.  She is practically a chocoholic and she likes coconut flavor.  I wasn't really sure if coconut flakes and chocolate work that well together, but I realized that Mounds is tasty and that is only candy bar that I actually like.  So I went ahead to try.

I am new to baking so I won't go into the details of how they are cooked.  But these were really great!  Very rich in Chocolate flavor.

I replaced 50% of almond powder with coconut flakes.  And I also omitted 1 table spoon of butter and used 2 table spoon of milk chocolate.  I reduced amount of flour and replaced with cocoa powder.

She grabbed one as soon as she came home.  She ate one, two, three..... OK, too much.  But I was happy that she liked these.

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